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Baby Your Skin!

Baby Your Skin, Baby!

Models have known for years that products intended for babies are gentle, effective and save money. Consider these:

  • BABY WIPES are great makeup removers, especially around the delicate eye area. They are also effective hand and face refreshers.

  • BABY MOISTURIZERS are great for all skin types but the heavier ones are perfect for drier skin.

  • MOST BABY LOTIONS are double-action products that gently cleanse and moisturize at the same time. If you have a tendency to overcleanse, these products are perfect because they won't strip skin of its natural oils. Plus, they are inexpensively priced at drugstores and mass merchandise stores.

  • SUNSCREEN formulated for babies contains a very high SPF. Plus, several contain balms that both cool and calm heat-irritated skin.

  • BABY FORMULATED SHAMPOOS are extremely gentle to hair and won't strip color.

  • BABY OILS AND BATH TREATMENTS contain natural, nourishing ingredients for skin. Look for brands listing lavender and chamomile as ingredients.

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