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Blonde Hair Styles


Tragically Blonde Hairstyles
By Lisa Lach

Blonde Hairstyles What would you do to go blonde? Female Fatale, Rebel without a Cause is one determined blonde-haired woman.
You see them everywhere and against all natural odds - they are blonde. Sort of. They sit in the stylist's chair with frizzy blonde, black-roots begging for more bleach. Their hair is screaming for moisture. See picture on the left...

For under $20 dollars you could help fix that problem with some products that could actually make your hair blonde, healthy and shinny. Maybe even natural? Blondes do have more fun, but if you are not in the Salon cutting your hair every 3 months, and have dry, damaged hair, don't despair.

Should I blow Dry?

Even if you do not blow dry 100% pure natural hair, it becomes damaged creating split ends, by ingredients like climate, dryness, over highlighting and mostly by avoiding your stylist. If you are using a moistening condition for dry hair, or a re-constructer for damaged hair, should able you to blow-dry just fine.
Adding heat from a blow dryer weakens the strands and sometimes it breaks off in extreme cases. So put the proper conditioning treatment in your hair and ask a Salon that has a good reputation to help you find that product that you need.

Conditioner or Re-constructer?

Blonde Hair Styles If you have just a few blonde highlights, mixed in with a few other colors, you probably just need a moisturizing conditioner. Try Joico's Moisturizer or K-Pac Daily Conditioner, Redkin's Extreme Shampoo, or Sebastian's Potion 9.
If you are heavily blonde, and haven't been dark since you can't remember when, then try bc bonacure's Repair Treatment, one of the best quick fixes out there. It's a honey/wheat protein base to help strengthen the hair. For longer term results try Joico's K-Pack Re-constructer. Both products do a great job.





Lowlights might be the way to go and can add a lot more moisture to your hair. Lowlights are usually sliced through the other lightening foils to add depth and darken some of your over stressed blonde hair. Giving it a chance to recover and absorb its lacking pigment. The good thing is that you could go more a natural blonde or golden, if you're brave go for a caramel or a darker color. Pick your blonde back up in the summer, after it 's healthy and rejuvenated. You'll look good and feel better.

If you can't live with the idea of adding some lowlights (and they can be dark blonde lowlights) to your platinum do, then let's fix it the easy way.
Blonde Hairstylish After Blow-drying and assuming you are using your conditioner apply a small amount of Farouk's Bio Silk Therapy. It's silk in a bottle. It will also protect your hair from the damage it sustains without bleaching or blow-drying. The amount of no more then a dime rubs into your hands before you apply the clear less lotion to dry hair. Instantly all your fly away ends and dryness is gone. Until you wash it, of course.

For an extreme shine finish use Joico's Spray Glaze, Shine-Enhancer. It smells nice and really gives a nice shine. Keeping shine, keeps moisture and helps make you condition process that much easier. There's a reason why blondes have more fun! You go girls!



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