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Pack-Smart Beach Essentials

Pack-Smart Beach Essentials for Stylish Chicks
By Kathryn D'Imperio

Dashing off to the beach for vacation or a weekend getaway? Not so fast! Be sure youve packed all the essential items youll need to stay stylish and chic during your time in the sun! To maximize your fun, minimize the number of beauty accessories you lug along to you vacation location with these helpful packing hints:


* Lip Gloss is critical for preventing chapped, dried out smackers, but even more importantly, for avoiding sunburned lips! Try to find a tasty chap stick that also has SPF protectionread the fine print, as many advertise whether or not they include SPF15 or greater.

Don't stress out over how much eye make-up to bring, and forget about the liquid foundation.

* If you like, pack a waterproof mascara to prevent the waves from washing out your eyes. Nothing is worse than unexpectedly looking like a crybaby when youre having the time of your life in the surf and on the sand! (Do not forget to pack make-up remover, as most waterproof mascara is resistant to even soap and water!)

* Bring a concealer stick or powder compact to touch up blemishes. Too much foundation on a warm day can look and feel cakey or may just run if the temperature is too high. Also, make-up bottles stowed away in luggage, purses and carry-on bags are a bad idea when traveling. I once had a bottle of liquid foundation coat the entire contents of my backpack, destroy a brand-new purse and give me at least an hour of clean-up in one fell swoop! If you simply cannot live without your liquid foundation, place the bottle in a zip-lock bag just in case!

* Craving some color? It cant hurt to bring a hue or two of eye shadow but be careful with lipstick, as it tends to melt when higher temperatures prevail!

Body Care:

* No matter how badly you want a tan, bring suntan lotion to protect your precious hide from overexposure! Though they are possibly the most obvious item, dont forget your sunglasses!

* Just in case you do get some sunburn, do your body a favor and slap on some aloe. A medium-sized plastic bottle is more than you will need, and youll thank yourself for remembering it if you happen to fall asleep on the beach.

* For another miracle remedy, pick up a bottle of cocoa butter lotion. Once the aloe has reduced the burning sensation from your skin, you can rub in a little cocoa butter to prevent peeling and to re-moisturize the afflicted area.

* Have you ever been caught in a sand storm? Well I have, and I cant stress enough about the value of a bottle of eye drops in case those pesky particles of sand find their way into your eyes, whether by a storm itself or by a playful game of football or beach soccer.

* Don't forget your normal necessities such as toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant or antiperspirant, towels, shaving gel and razors, tweezers, body wash, etc.

Hair Care:

* Remember to pack your shampoo and conditioner, brush and comb, elastic bands and/or barrettes. If you dont want to heave your family-sized containers of hair products to your vacation destination, you can easily pick up smaller travel-sized products. (Tight on money? You can always collect the small samples from hotels, as they are there for your use and wouldnt you knowthey fit perfectly in a small make-up bag!)

* When you spend time in the ocean or playing on the beach, what happens to the top of your head is likely the last thing on your mind. To help prevent sunburn on your scalp, consider packing a hat of some sort, a bandana or a hair scarf.

* If dried-out hair due to excessive exposure to sun, chlorine or saltwater is a concern of yours, fret not! When you return home from your time away, try a deep-conditioning treatment or masque (Some use sea kelp to restore moisture).


* For a flirty appearance, bring a cute sarong or wrap to wear to the beach, or simply pack a pair of comfy shorts if you hope to beat up on the guys in football and Frisbee!

* Take two towels: one to lie on and one that is sand-free for when you need to dry off. A beach blanket or beach mat also serve a handy purpose for shore-goers.

* An old T-shirt doubles as an escape from the suns powerful rays when you just want to relax and enjoy the sounds of the surf. Also, a T-shirt is good to have on hand as it is important to cover exposed skin when the sun has already burned it.

* Normal clothes that you should be sure to bring: Shorts and tanks/tees, jeans or other long pants, perhaps a long-sleeve shirt and a hooded sweatshirt, a sundress, pajamas, bathing suit and underclothes. Dont forget to bring a windbreaker or light jacket for those chilly nights off the coast!

* Footwear: Bring sandals or flip-flops, sneakers and shoes to go with at least one nice outfit. (Hint: Try to pack outfits that look nice with the same sandals to reduce the need for extra shoes. As long as you can help it, you should not be toting an entire bag dedicated to shoes alone!)


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