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Trim Your Hair

How To Trim Your Hair

Peeking out from a bit of fringe is sexy. Bang-induced blindness is not.
If you are not quite ready for a full haircut, take things into your own hands: "trimming your own bangs will keep your cut looking fresh between salon visits", says stylist Garren of the Garren New York salon.
He tells clients to trim about an eight of an inch every month.

Here's how to do it at home:

First, grab a pair of straightedge cuticle or mustache scissors. Style bangs as usual and clip back the rest of your hair. Start at the center of your bangs and work your way to the outside.

Using your fingers, gently hold a small section of dry hair - only about 10 to 12 hairs at a time - straight down against your forehead. (Don't pull too tight - you'll stretch the hair and end up cutting a lot more)
Trim and cut below your fingers to keep from cutting it shorter than you'd like.
When you are done trimming each section, comb it back into the rest of your bangs to check length (and that they are even) before moving on.
When you reach the end, return to the center and trim in the opposite direction until you are done.


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