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Types Of Spa

Choose The Type Of Spa For You
By Lisa Lach

When choosing a Spa it helps to know the types of Spas that are out there. From Destination to Day Spa here is the difference between them.

  • Day Spa The great thing about Day Spas is that they can cater to you in an hour. You can expect to be beatified relaxed and pampered on your lunch hour. They usual combine treatments if you are looking for half or full day packages. Some even provide lunch. Hair Salons incorporate this type of Spa frequently.

  • Resort Spa You can do many different things at a Resort Spa. While you vacation you are pampered to your ever need. There is dancing and children programs, but expect no sitting around. You can choose from land to water sports and recreation. Even enjoy a little dancing at night. It costs the same as an all inclusive resort holiday.

  • Destination Spa This type of spa caters to improve their guest’s health or well-being. A sort of self-renewal. You can go for a few days, a week, or a month. This type of all inclusive Spa will have programs such as fitness, treatments, healthy meals and relaxation.

  • Medical Spas This is the raging new trend. But it has always been there, to the wealthy only. But here health and Cosmetic procedures interest many returning guests. These are different from any other spa because they employ nurses and doctors to diagnose and perform any cosmetic procedure. You can combine services and make it a full day event. This is where you could have an extreme make-over.

  • Connoisseur Spa This is the crème de la crème. The ambiance is luxurious and there is a price tag that comes with it. It is outstanding and caters to the wealthy providing totally relaxation and services they do not put on menus. Treat yourself to an exception spa experience.

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